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EveryDay Carry match

Everyday Carry Matches are held on the fourth Saturday of the month, January - September.

Everyday Carry Match

You must pre-register for this match
on the PHA Events Calendar

Everyday Carry Match Description

Have you ever wanted to participate in a pistol match but dislike the heavy competition? Perhaps you want to test your skills but do not have access to shot timers and stages. Or maybe you are looking for an entry-level sport but are not interested in purchasing additional gear and equipment. Then PHA’s Everyday Carry Match might be for you. The PHA EDC Match is a sporting environment that provides an opportunity for competitors to use the equipment, skills, and techniques associated with their personal concealed carry handguns.
Bring your EDC Handgun.

Match Details

  • 4th Saturday of every month (excluding October, November, December)
  • Match Is not held when a forecast high temperature is less than 40 degrees, heavy rain, or lightning. 
  • Registration: Exclusively Digital (See PHA Events Calendar to Register)
  • Sign-in: 8:00 – 8:30 am
  • Director & RSO walk-through: 8:30-9:00 am
  • Match Safety Meeting: 9:00 am
  • Match Starts: 9:30 am
  • Match Ends:  12:00 - 2:00 pm


The competition is open to the public, PHA Members, and their guests. All participants (excluding minors) must register and pay online through the PHA Events Calendar.


Competitors will use a well-functioning concealed handgun from the waist (appendix or strongside) with an inside or outside waistband holster. Uniformed and First Responders who carry a handgun at work may use their duty gear.

  • No hammer-mounted firing pins or single-action revolvers.
  • Magazine capacity is a maximum of 25 rounds (including a base plate), and no more than two magazines *total for semiautomatic pistols on the competitors’ person during Course of Fire or stage *Total: one in the pistol and one extra magazine for reloading.
  • No restriction on moon clips or speed loaders for revolvers.
  • Personal Protection Equipment: Hearing Protection, Eye Protection, brimmed hat, and closed-toe footwear. A folding chair is recommended as seating is limited.

Courses of Fire

Competitors can expect an average of five stages or courses of fire at the match. Stages will have a target round count that ranges from six rounds to 21 plus.   

Classes, Categories, and Divisions

  • Semiauto Pistol
  • Revolver
  • Centerfire
  • Rimfire

Entry Fee

  • $15.00 entry for PHA Members
  • $20.00 entry for non-PHA Members
  • Match volunteers who help set up free (limited three, contact EDC March Director)


  • Visit the Contact page to get driving directions

Match Director

For more information, Match Director Fletcher can be reached via email; please provide a contact phone number.                                   

Rules Overview

  • This match is held under cold range conditions. Which is to state; all persons attending must have their guns in an unloaded and empty chamber condition.
  • Please clear your carry gun of all ammunition before coming to the range if you choose to use that gun.
  • If you arrive late and miss the safety briefing, you will not be allowed to compete. However, you can stay to observe as a guest.
  • Recommend you bring your actual EDC firearm and associated equipment.
  • A detailed rule book is available during the match RO walkthrough.
  • When a competitor uses all available ammunition on a stage, and has not completed the stage, any remaining targets are considered missed targets.


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