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2022 High Power rifle match
An NRA approved match

The High Power matches will be held on the dates listed below.  The Match dates have been NRA approved. Please note the schedule and procedural changes.  A final revision will be listed on the web site and sent to all competitors soon.

2022-2023 PHA High-Power Matches

NRA Approved Match

2023 High-Power Dates: 
22 April 22, 27 May, 24 June, 22 July,
26 August, 23 September, 28 October.

2022-2023 Vintage Match Dates:
17 December, 28 January,
25 February,25 March

(Click on LINK for match description)

The High-Power matches will be held on the dates listed above.  Please note the schedule and entry procedural changes.  Any revisions will be listed on the website and sent to all competitors.  Match dates will be listed on the PHA calendar of events.

• All competitors (per PHA rules) will be required to attend the safety briefing before firing in the match.  If someone fails to be there at the briefing, they will not be allowed to compete.

• All competitors are expected to arrive early to assist in setting targets and getting the range ready for the match.

• Gate will open at 8:00 am, set up should start by 8:20 am, Safety Briefing will be approximately 8:45 am, and match start will be at 9:00 am.  Times will apply to all matches, whether NRA or Vintage.

PHA has installed an electric gate.  Entry for members is our current gate code followed by “#,” which will change when all members have been assigned an e-card or phone app.  Members will be notified of the change-over date.  After the changeover, entry for members will then be by ID card or app on your mobile phone (depending on which choice the member made) as instructed through club emails and instructions.  Entry for non-members is a code valid only for a limited time (2 hours) before the beginning of the match and on the day of the match only and will be emailed in the match reminders to everyone on our HP list.  Any non-member wishing to compete in a PHA High Power match and who is not on our email list may contact the Match Director via the club website to register and receive the code for entry.  Please make sure you contact the Match Director as early as possible to make sure you can enter and compete in our match.  Exit from PHA is automatic upon approaching the gate.

The above are the changes we have implemented.  Block time will again be used for all SF stages for prep time, sighters (first stage only), and shots for record.

Entry Fees:
PHA Members…………..$15.00

(*All juniors shoot their first match of the year free)

Entries: Accepted from 8:15 am until the mandatory safety briefing

Vintage matches will consist of 30 rds (10 prone SF, 10 sitting (or prone) RF, and 10 standing SF).  Competitors may fire the course twice with the same or a different rifle.  Priority will be given to vintage rifles, but modern will be accepted pending firing point availability.

NRA matches will consist of 50 rds (10 standing SF, 10 sitting RF, 10 prone RF, and 20 prone SF) using 200 yds,  300 yds simulated, and 600 yds simulated NRA targets respectfully.  Competitors may fire a maximum of 5 sighters before starting the 200-yd standing SF stage.  The match may be changed to a total of 80 rds for the record at the discretion of the Match Director.  Notification of such change will be placed on the PHA website as a Special Notice no less than a week in advance so that competitors may plan on the change.  All firing will be from 200 yards.

Match Director
Neil C. Evans, Jr.

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