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Piedmont Handgunners Association
The Friendliest Shooting Club In North Carolina

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We appreciate your interest in PHA.

There are 3 steps in joining PHA:

1. Complete the online membership application.

2. Pay $550 to join. (A $400 one-time fee and $150 first-year dues.)

Please, do not mail in your payment.

3. Complete the Orientation Tour and the Safety Shoot.

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PHA Membership FAQ

1.      Is there a family membership? Can my spouse get a membership card? Can I bring a guest? At what age are children allowed to shoot? 
A member can bring their spouse, children, and up to two guests to PHA at any visit. If the spouse completes an Orientation Tour (at no charge), they can also bring two guests and visit PHA without the primary member. We do not define children (his, hers, their, step, etc.) We do not limit the times a guest can visit as a guest. The only limitation is all those people must stay with the member at the range. We do not have a minimum age. We leave it up to the parents to decide the minimum age to have their children at the range. Regardless of age or guest status, our safety rules still apply, and the member is responsible for his non-members.

2.      Are there any discounts for being military, police, senior citizen, etc.?
No, we are all equal members with equal rights to use the range.

3.      Do you offer a lifetime membership?
Almost. Our corporate stockholders purchased our land, and they get lifetime rights. Currently, PHA has no stock for sale, but a few shares trade each year as stockholders age out of shooting or move away. When available, details are provided in our weekly email newsletter, The Range Report.

4.      How long does my membership last? How do renewals work?
Our membership year is from September 1 to August 31. Renewal notices are emailed July 1 annually and are due by August 31. We only pro-rate membership dues for new members after July 1. This is covered in more detail during the Orientation Tour.

5.      Do you offer Concealed Carry Classes?
PHA does not host Concealed Carry classes, but we have numerous members that teach the Concealed Carry class. Please reach out to a board member for recommendations.

6.      Do you offer classes for new shooters, especially with handguns?
Yes, these classes are hosted by PHA and are listed on our Events Calendar. Please email Brad Grimes or Richard Moore for details.

Please email Brad Grimes, PHA Membership Secretary, if you have any questions.

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