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2021 Action Pistol match

The match is open to anyone wishing to practice use of a pistol in a dynamic shooting environment. Competitors are expected to be knowledgeable in manipulating their firearm and practice good firearm safety. There will be moving and shooting. Shooters will engage steel targets at 10+ yards and paper targets from 1-25 yards while moving between barricades and fault lines. Scoring is Time-plus-penalties. Shooters may bring whatever pistol they would like to compete with so long as they have an adequate holster and spare magazines or speed loaders.

Match Details

This match will be held on the 4th Saturday (weather Permitting) of each month.

  • Setup starts at 7:45 AM.   
  • Registration at 9:00 AM 
  • Safety Brief at 9:45 AM.   
  • Match begins at 10:00 AM.

Matches usually run until approximately 2:00 PM.


Competition is open to the public.   


At a minimum shooters will need a reliable and safe pistol, a holster, spare magazines or speed loaders, eye and ear protection, and 150 rounds of ammunition (just to be safe, you will likely use less).   

On the high side, a stage may have 25+ rounds (not counting any make ups) … so ensure you have enough magazines / speed loaders to handle this.  Most of the time it will be possible to complete a stage with less rounds. 

Recommend you also bring water, sunscreen, etc.

Course of Fire

The match will consist of 5 stages with steel (10+ yards) and paper targets (1-25+ yards), movement, reloading, etc.  *IF* the stage is defensive themed, it will rely on stage design and fault lines vs cover calls as this is harder to enforce fairly.  Most stages will allow creativity in how you want to shoot it within stage specifications.


5 stages.


  • Compact – Capacity less than 10
  • Stock – Capacity greater than 10
  • Open – Guns with optics, extended magazines, flared mag wells, ports/compensators or other competition specific features.
  • Rimfire
  • Revolver

Entry Fees

  • $10.00 per participant (Cash only)

Directions to club and amenities

Match Director


  • This match is held on a cold range. 
  • No guns may be out of holsters or in hands unless in a designated safe zone or when called to the line as the shooter by the RO. 
  • No ammo may be in the gun at any time until given the command by the RO. 
  • Use of your daily carry gun is strongly encouraged. 
  • Please clear your carry gun of all ammo before coming to the range if you choose to use that gun.

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